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Talking Strike Outs and Strike Out Records (for batters)

We’re having some fun with strike outs on the Dingers Blog today.

First and foremost, here’s your YEAR OF THE PITCHER stat for today. If the season finishes with its current rate stats, 2010 will be the best K/BB season in modern baseball history. That’s right, only 1879, 1884, 1878, 1875, 1880, and 1883 have had better K/BB years than 2010 has had. Pretty amazing, if you ask me.

The Diamondbacks are still on pace to break the Brewers’ 2001 record for most strike outs by a team. The D-Backs have 1,269 before today’s game and have played in 138 games so far, about 9.19 Ks per game. Remarkably consistent, since that was the number from last time we checked in. Yes, they’re still on pace for 1,490 or so (Brewers’ record was 1,399).

That means if they continue pace, they’ll break it on game 152. Continue reading

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