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Too Early To Be Talking Trade or Deadline? Let’s Do It Anyway.

It’s the end of May, right?  Then it’s probably really early to be talking about this, but why not.  The Dodgers are close to first place, trailing an overperforming team and their two real threats are the Giants (who are trailing them) and the Rockies (who are vastly under-performing).

*As a side note, the Padres could very well be for real.  Most of their players are performing at a competent level and their pitching has carried them. Their starting pitching has been over-performing (Jon Garland, Clayton Richard and Wade LeBlanc, specifically), but their bullpen’s performance has been dynamite and their run expectancy is lower than their ERA. We’ll see how that works out for them by the end of the season, but they basically are what everyone thought the Mariners were going to be this year.

So why not make a trade now?  Nip this one in the bud early?  The earlier in the season you make the trade, the better.  You’re getting ++ pitching, defense or offense and the sooner you get it, the more you can use it.

Let’s also assume for the sake of fun that the Dodgers have no problems with money right now and that they can afford to pay the end of a player’s contract after dropping from a $110 million payroll from last year to $90 million this year.

Let’s go shopping!

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