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OK, here’s the deal.
I have bobbleheads.  I want you to donate to the kickstarter (see here) to help fund our scientific study in subtle racism.  We’re 400 dollars short of our goal.  Here’s what we’re gonna do.

If you donate 35 dollars, you get the manuscript, a thank you in the publication and your choice of a bobblehead from the list below. If you’ve already donated at least 20 dollars, please donate an additional 30 dollars.

After you donate, send a message to me via kickstarter saying “My name is John Doe, my address is 123 Fake Street, Amhurst, Mass., 12345, and I’d like the James Loney bobblehead.” THIS IS ON A FIRST COME FIRST SERVE BASIS and I’ll be updating the list as bobbleheads are claimed.

Your bobbleheads:

-Andre Ethier

-James Loney x3

-Russell Martin


Oliver Perez, Pirates

-Kevin Stevens, Pittsburgh Penguins


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Trading Ethier: Where Would He Land?

This is gonna sound incredibly lame, but a rumor by Peter Gammons was confirmed by Ben Maller that the Dodgers may put Andre Ethier out on the open trade market to see what he could bring back. So if you’re counting, one guy said one thing that maybe the Dodgers might want to trade a player before the trade deadline. Perhaps.

Ethier signed a 2-year/$15 mil contract in the off-season to buy out his arb. 2 and 3 years–Ethier has a fourth arbitration year in 2012–and not many players are going that cheap in baseball right now.

Ned Colletti gets a lot of flack for being dumb, and unfairly so. He’s made some very good deals in the past off-seasons–getting Manny Ramirez for spare parts–even though he’s been burned on one bad one.

While moving Ethier would be horribly unpopular, it might be the right move. Ethier’s value is at its peak and he’s 28 years old. He’s hitting well against left-handed pitchers, too, and that production may not continue next year. He was never expected to be this good and for that we’re all grateful. But that also means the chances of him repeating this production for the rest of his career are pretty slim. Very few baseball players beat the scouting reports to have an above-average career and many, many baseball players lost their groove after the age of 30. So why not see what you can get?

The Dodgers right now have two corner OF minor leaguers who make intriguing options for 2011 and Andrew Lambo specifically could see a late-season call-up if the Dodgers are out of it. Lambo’s ceiling appears to be Ethier’s production, so there’s not a lot of hope in that, but

With no further ado, here’s where Ethier could land:

Chicago White Sox: White Sox currently have a .360 wOBA coming out of right field and rumor has it they’re hot on Adam Dunn, even though Nats GM Mike Rizzo is asking a lot (Hudson AND Viciedo are the rumors). White Sox GM Kenny Williams and Colletti have a good relationship and made a trade during the off-season, so maybe they go back to that well.

New York Mets: The Mets surprisingly have the worst wOBA out of the position out of all major league teams, despite being in the hunt for the NL East title. Ethier would be a huge offensive upgrade. The Mets also have some intriguing prospects in Jenrry Mejia and Ike Davis.

Atlanta Braves: The Braves would be the only team to move Ethier to a different part of the field, and they’d probably move him to left with All-Star teammate Jason Heyward fielding right. Left field has been abysmal for the Braves, fielding six different players in the position and Ethier would be such a great improvement that it’d be worthwhile for both teams. Heyward and Ethier would be an impressive duo and the Braves have some good starting pitching pieces they could send the Dodgers way (Arodys Vizcaino and Julio Teheran, for two, though it’s unknown how much their production is affected by the Braves’ extreme pitchers parks in the minors). It’s certainly intriguing what can come of a trade between these two teams.

Anaheim Angels or Oakland A’s: I can’t ultimately see either team trading for Ethier, but there’s an outside chance that the Angels forego the usual decent-defense-decent-offense plan and the A’s try to plug him in at DH. The Angels don’t have a lot to offer unless they’re willing to give up Mike Trout. But the A’s have a few interesting parts, like Michael Taylor or Jemele Weeks. This’d be weird, though, since the A’s are further out of the AL West than the Dodgers are out of the NL West.

Tampa Bay Rays: The Rays like team-friendly contracts and Ethier has one. He makes a little less than what Pat Burrell made and could be a decent fit for the DH spot. But knowing the Rays’ management, they’d look down on his defense and his LHP/RHP splits and decide to look elsewhere.

Within the Division: The Giants, Padres and Rockies could all use some OF offense and the Dodgers could provide it at a premium cost. Ethier’s shown he can put up some awesome numbers in the heavy-pitchers division, so it’s worth looking into.

Edit: An earlier draft of this article said the deal reached between Andre Ethier and the Dodgers this past off-season, a two-year deal worth $15 mil, bought out Ethier’s arbitration years. It bought out Ethier’s year 2 and 3 arbitration years, but because Ethier was a Super 2, he has a fourth arbitration year in 2012.

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The Joe Torre Theorem

Jonathan Broxton didn’t have a bad outing on Sunday. Looking back on his PitchF/X from yesterday vs. previous outings, it looks like Broxton’s stuff was working just fine. His fastball peaked at 100 mph and The zone was tight (five called balls were on the outer edges of the zone) and no batters swung at Broxton’s fastball up and in. Frankly, Brox had a great outing, the Cardinals were just hitting him (and also Andre Ethier couldn’t catch a deep fly ball).

And look, Broxton’s fastball was back up to 100!! That’s great news!

On Twitter, I made a few complaints that weren’t accurate, but suffice to say that Mike Scioscia’s Tragic Illness and Memories of Kevin Malone said it best: if you’re gonna be mad about Sunday’s game, be mad at Broxton for that performance, but know he’s been good all season. There’s no reason to circle the wagons and there’s nobody in that bullpen that could replace his production.

Know that any attacks on Broxton’s “choking” are impotent because no one but Broxton, and maybe a few people in the dugout, really knows what’s going on in Broxton’s head. On top of that, Broxton’s had several one-run saves earlier this season and gave up no hits or walks.

With no further ado, here’s the Joe Torre Theorem. As better-than-replacement pitchers in the bullpen approaches zero, bullpen ERA approaches infinity.

Joe Torre Theorem
Where Y-axis is ERA and X is the number of bullpen relievers above average.

The team most affected by this right now is the Diamondbacks, whose team ERA was above 6 at one point this season, but now the question is posed to the Dodgers. So far, the team has seen Ronald Belisario, Ramon Troncoso, George Sherrill and Cory Wade fall in effectiveness. All were above-average relievers and all are doing terribly today. As Broxton’s effectiveness wanes, only one reliever is above average: Hong Chih Kuo. Right now, the Dodgers’ bullpen ERA is at 3.85, where do you think it’ll be at the end of the season?

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UPDATE: NL and AL All-Star Team Total WARs (now with B-R and Fangraphs!)

I was just having some fun with WAR numbers (Baseball-References’) and decided to add everything up. The results are pretty interesting.  You’re uh … you’re gonna wanna read to the bottom.

Player            WAR
Hanley Ramirez:   2.3
Martin Prado:     2.2
Albert Pujols:    3.4
Ryan Howard:      1.3
Ryan Braun:       1.8
David Wright:     3.9
Andre Ethier:     1.2
Corey Hart:       2.5
Yadier Molina:    0.8

Ubaldo Jimenez:   4.7

Player            WAR
Ichiro Suzuki:    2.2
Derek Jeter:      1.1
Miguel Cabrera:   3.7
Josh Hamilton:    2.9
Vladimir Guerrero 1.0
Evan Longoria:    3.9
Joe Mauer:        2.1
Robinson Cano:    4.6
Carl Crawford:    3.4

David Price:      3.1

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The NL Line-Up Once More: Ideal vs. Realistic vs. What We Got

I like how this line-up went from sure-fire awesome to “eh” in about a week.

What the NL ASG starting line-up looked like from voting:

Hanley Ramirez, SS
Chase Utley, 2B
Albert Pujols, 1B
Ryan Braun, LF
Andre Ethier, RF
Jason Heyward, CF
David Wright, 3B
Yadier Molina, C

Not Charlie’s fault Utley and Heyward had to cancel because of injury, so here’s an ideal line-up with ideal replacements:

Hanley Ramirez, SS
Albert Pujols, 1B
Adrian Gonzalez, DH
Ryan Braun, LF
Colby Rasmus/Angel Pagan/Andrew McCutchen, CF
Andre Ethier, RF
David Wright, 3B
Martin Prado, 2B
Yadier Molina, C

And here’s an ideal line-up with the current replacements:

Hanley Ramirez, SS
Albert Pujols
, 1B
Adrian Gonzalez
, DH
Ryan Braun
, LF
Andre Ethier
, RF
David Wright
, 3B
Marlon Byrd/Chris Young, CF
Martin Prado, 2B
Yadier Molina, C

And now, just a reminder, here’s what we got:

Hanley Ramirez, SS
Martin Prado, 2B
Albert Pujols, 1B
Ryan Howard, DH
David Wright, 3B
Ryan Braun, LF
Andre Ethier, CF
Corey Hart, RF
Yadier Molina, C

Charlie Manuel is trolling us all.

E: I’d like to add I have no serious stake in the All-Star game, I find these decisions hilarious.  After all, it’s just an exhibition game.

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Andre Ethier to Start in CF for NL in All-Star Game?

Hanley Ramirez, SS
Martin Prado, 2B
Albert Pujols, 1B
Ryan Howard, DH
David Wright, 3B
Ryan Braun, LF
Andre Ethier, CF
Corey Hart, RF
Yadier Molina, C

That’s the rumor swirling around the NL roster debate today, anyway. Today, the line-ups were posted.

Charlie Manuel has made a few odd decisions, the only parts of which were redeemed by selecting decent players as fill-in for the injured players on the roster. Hong-Chih Kuo and Rafael Furcal were both selected to replace Jose Reyes and Jason Heyward respectively. They’ll join fellow Dodgers Andre Ethier and Jonathan Broxton, all four of whom were deserving this year, so Dodger fans have nothing to gripe about. However, the NL roster still features several questionable picks.

The ASG rosters were announced a couple weeks ago and the NL outfield featured three men who have no business playing center field: Ethier, Heyward and Ryan Braun. Heyward’s injury creates a hole in the outfield and with three center fielders on the bench (Chris Young, Michael Bourn and Marlon Byrd), you’d figure one of them would be bumped up to starting CF, but nope.

Ethier, if you don’t know, is one of the worst fielders in baseball. Worse than Manny Ramirez, worse than anybody else in right field in baseball, except Carlos Quentin, who splits his time between RF and DH. Ethier makes up for his fielding in RF with his bat, but that’d be questionable in CF.

A friend posted on twitter that this should open the flood gates to vote for the best outfielders by position and I agree. That or put freaking Colby Rasmus on the ASG roster.

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Perhaps the Biggest Anti-Snub to the All-Star Game?

Blah blah blah, I don’t care for the All-Star Game, but I do believe the players should receive some kind of honor for the season they’re having. And heck, if it’s going to matter, the leagues might as well have the best teams possible.

With that in mind, the National League’s starting catcher is literally the worst starting catcher in baseball. On offense, anyway. Cardinals fans stuffed the ballot to put the worst offensive catcher in baseball not only on the All-Star roster, but to have him start.

The great irony of this is the starting outfield for the NL is Ryan Braun, Jason Heyward and Andre Ethier. While I admit I don’t know much about Heyward’s defense, Ethier and Braun are both awful and the outfield noteably lacks a centerfielder. Huh, if only St. Louis fans had voted for a centerfielder deserving of starting at the All-Star Game ….

You can argue that Molina is the best defensive catcher in baseball, and you’d have a good point. Only problem is catcher defense is still being figured out and it’s unknown how many runs saved Molina is worth–and it’d have to be a lot–to balance out his atrocious offense.

Miguel Olivo, Geovany Soto, Nick Hundley and Carlos Ruiz all stand out as snubs. Colby Rasmus is probably the biggest outfield snub. Joey Votto and Rafael Furcal were the biggest infield snubs. The whole NL is hilarious, with Ryan Howard and Omar Infante on the roster. Chances the NL wins this? It’ll be a big upset if they do, that’s for sure.

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