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Some Arizona Fall League Stats, News and Notes

Fall League ends this coming Thursday, the championship game will be Saturday, Nov. 20.  MinorLeagueBlog posted some updated stats on who’s doing what so far.

AFL avg’s: Dustin Ackley .456, Juan Carlos Linares .422; Charlie Culberson .388; Andy Parrino .382; Eric Farris .379; Brandon Belt .373

AFL Total Bases: Eduardo Escobar 56; Charlie Culberson 54; Chris Parmelee 47; Andrew Lambo 47; Dustin Ackley 46; Brandon Belt 46

AFL SB Leaders: Ben Revere 11; Jeremy Moore 8; Adron Chambers 8; Eric Farris 7; Jordany Valdespin 7; Trayvon Robinson 6; A J Pollock 6

Your leaders in OPS:

Dustin Ackley:       1.412
Juan Carlos Linares: 1.151
Derek Norris:        1.098
Charlie Culberson:   1.058
Brandon Belt:        1.042
Mike McDade:         1.001
Cory Harrilchak:      .989
Kris Negron:          .987
Jordan Pacheco:       .958
Andy Parrino:         .954

Slugging leaders:

Dustin Ackley:       .807
Juan Carlos Linares: .708
Derek Norris:        .681
Charlie Culberson:   .635
Jason Kipnis:        .623
Kris Negron:         .622
Brandon Belt:        .613
Eduardo Escobar:     .577
Johnny Giavotella:   .569
Mike McDade:         .556

Some other notes:

  • Yeah, don’t sweat Dustin Ackley anymore. .456/.605/.807 triple-slash. and on top of everything listed above, he leads the league in walks with 23, five more than second place.
  • Charlie Culberson leads the AFL in doubles (11) and has a .388/.422/.635 (yikes, look at that ISOD). He’s a 21-year-old 2B in the Giants’ system (assholes).
  • Jerry Sands‘ magic has waned a bit, but lots of walks: .278/.404/.417; same with Trayvon Robinson (.250/.389/.347). Meanwhile, Ivan DeJesus has looked pretty damn good in a small sample size: .349/.446/.476. That may earn him some consideration for the Dodgers’ starting 2B job.
  • Couple of scouts and scouting reporters have chimed in to say Brandon Belt is for real, though that’s not hard to imagine.
  • Belt, Negron and Escobar are tied for triples with 4 each.
  • White Sox fans should be pretty damn content with Escobar. Escobar is a 21-year-old shortstop putting up a .330/.375/.577 line.
  • Same with Nats fans and Derek Norris (.277/.417/.681). Norris is a 21-year-old catcher.
  • Probably shouldn’t read too much into Linares’ production. Linares is a 26-year-old OF in the Boston system. Even if he’s for real, they don’t have many places to play him.
  • Another non-prospect is Matt Rizzotti, a Phillies product, who’s putting up a .521 OBP with a .407 slugging. Yowzers.
  • And of minor note, Rzep is destroying on the pitching side. 26 innings, 0.69 ERA (3 runs allowed, 2 earned), 20 K, 8 BB, 21 hits allowed. No GB rates, as far as I know.
  • Kam Mickolio (Orioles) is, likewise, putting up a sub-1 ERA in 12 innings of relief; 18 K, 2 BB

A couple of other pitchers are noteworthy, but pitching isn’t great in the AFL. A lot of wild pitchers, a lot of high BB rates, a lot of high XBH rates.


Update: A friend of mine just pointed me to this fangraphs article about Jerry Sands and his lack of AFL power:

For Sands, the focus has been hitting the ball the other way. At first, I thought maybe Sands was primarily an opposite field hitter, but given the sheer number of balls he’s hit towards right field in two days, I’m convinced it’s the orders he was given by the Dodgers. This is a guy not out there to show that he can hit the ball 400 feet, but working on improving his game by spraying balls around the park.


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A Q&A with Project Prospect’s Adam W. Foster

Adam W. Foster is the fanatic’s scout.  He has a good eye and often replies to open questions asked on Twitter. He has catalogued videos of nearly every prospect in each organization. His opinions are respected within the community, but mention his name to the casual baseball fan–or even an avid baseball fan–and you’ll likely get a “who?”

Foster, who runs Project Prospect with Lincoln Hamilton, took time out of his pre-draft schedule to talk about the 2010 Rule IV draft and the current state of the Dodgers’ minor league system.  Questions are in italics.

(Before you continue reading, remember that Foster is a Giants fan and is Grade A evil for what he says about the Dodgers’ minor league system).

For the upcoming 2010 Rule IV draft, what’s the first thing that stands out to you? What should the casual fan know about the talent that’s coming out of this draft?

There aren’t many attractive college bats coming out of major conferences. …

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