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And one more enormous image

Might as well give a hearty :golfclap: to that one, that’s some damn fine work by Craig Calcaterra.  I thought this was a joke at first, but apparently there’s an actual track and field athlete with the same name. He’s Portuguese.



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The Cubs could use some FO help

From ESPN Insider

The Cubs are searching for a center fielder and might be waiting to see whether free agents Matt Holliday or Jason Bay somehow end ups in Boston.

Phil Rogers of the Chicago Tribune reports today that the Cubs would immediately make a “major effort” to land Jacoby Ellsbury if the Red Sox were to sign Holliday or Bay. Rogers adds one way to pull off such a trade might be for Cubs GM Jim Hendry to be part of a three-team deal that sends first baseman Adrian Gonzalez from the Padres to Boston for prospects.

Trading away Milton Bradley and receiving Carlos Silva was already a terrible trade.  Sure, Milton may have been unhappy and I completely sympathize with both parties, but he was producing at an above-average rate at 10 million a year.  Silva is a well-below-average albatross at 13 mil a year.  Silva was given maybe one of the worst free agent contracts in history after having two consecutive years of abject failure because of his a miraculous age 26 year–seriously, 7.89 K/BB ratio out of nowhere.  In 2008, he put up a terrible year and only pitched 30 innings (with maybe his worst production ever) in 2009.  He’s also known for having an attitude problem, so what did the Cubs really gain here?

Now Hendry, who has already handed out horrible above-market contracts to about half of his starting pitchers and position players, is considering trading whatever is left in his farm system for an overrated centerfielder.  If Josh Vitters and/or Starlin Castro is involved in this trade, Hendry is competing with Omar Minaya for worst GM in baseball.

Oof.  Bad times for Cubs fans.

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