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A Q&A with Project Prospect’s Adam W. Foster

Adam W. Foster is the fanatic’s scout.  He has a good eye and often replies to open questions asked on Twitter. He has catalogued videos of nearly every prospect in each organization. His opinions are respected within the community, but mention his name to the casual baseball fan–or even an avid baseball fan–and you’ll likely get a “who?”

Foster, who runs Project Prospect with Lincoln Hamilton, took time out of his pre-draft schedule to talk about the 2010 Rule IV draft and the current state of the Dodgers’ minor league system.  Questions are in italics.

(Before you continue reading, remember that Foster is a Giants fan and is Grade A evil for what he says about the Dodgers’ minor league system).

For the upcoming 2010 Rule IV draft, what’s the first thing that stands out to you? What should the casual fan know about the talent that’s coming out of this draft?

There aren’t many attractive college bats coming out of major conferences. …

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Aaron Miller and Kenley Jansen own in first appearance for Inland Empire

Inland Empire is the Dodgers’ A+ affiliate.  It’s early (very early) for prospects, but this is cool:

Aaron Miller (2009 draftee): 5 IP, 2 runs, 5 hits, 0 BB, 10 K
Kenley Jansen: 2 IP, 0 runs, 0 hits, 0 BB, 4 K

Gotta admire De Jon Watson and Logan White’s ability to pick ’em.

You don’t want to imagine that the first start of the season is anything more than one start, but how cool is that? Miller will probably be up to AA by mid-season and get a late season call up to the bigs if everything falls into place.  That’s … unlikely, but it’s best possible scenario.

For Jansen, it’ll probably take a little longer since this’ll be his first full year as a pitcher, but what sounds like a good ETA?  Mid-2011 if everything goes right?

Chris Withrow also had a good first start at AA Chattanooga: 6 IP, 2 runs, 3 hits, 1 BB, 4 K.  Not quite as jaw-dropping as Miller and Jansen’s performances, but still very good.

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