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What If We Changed the Triple Crown to AVG/OBP/SLG?

Just having some fun today with baseball history, I went looking for a list of players who’ve accomplished the feat of having a season in which he held the batting, on-base and slugging titles.

The list is pretty incredible–and exclusive. Rogers Hornsby had seven of these years, though it was mostly dominance of a weak National League. His counterparts in the AL, like Cobb and Ruth, had other batting title champs to worry about, like George Sisler and Eddie Collins.

The thing I found most fascinating was the separation between the tradition triple crown and this one. No players have accomplished the traditional triple crown since 1967 Yaz. In this triple crown, not only has it been accomplished as recently as last year, but there were lots of years filled in. George Brett’s 1980 season and Larry Walker’s 1999 season. Barry Bonds, of course, made the list twice.

Anyway, without further ado, here’s your modern Triple Crown winners:

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