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Scorekeeping: Subtle Racism in Baseball, the 2011 thread.

Here’s the 2010 thread. Here’s the 2010 review parts I and II.

If you want a quick catch up, here’s what we’re doing.

We’re taking any instances in which a black, white, latino or asian player was belittled or praised for hustle, or lack thereof, or any other instances that may have a mildly racist connotation.

The major incidents are incidents that are without a doubt in clear view. This is almost exclusively benching for lack of hustle by a team’s manager or trading a player with mildly racist or xenophobic reasoning (attitude, behavior or the dreaded “clubhouse cancer”). Yunel Escobar being traded for attitude issues last year is one example.

The minor incidents are any incident in which a sports columnist, blogger, player, manager, coach, farm hand, broadcaster, groundskeeper, anonymous fan or sentient television says something with racist undertones. This is less scientific and more because we’re bitchy gossipers. However, I do keep a spreadsheet of who said what for fun.

These work both ways, though. We’re not looking for black players called lazy, we’re looking for white players called lazy; we’re looking for white players called out for lack of hustle and black players praised for hustle. If you want to see examples of either, please click the above links.

Without further ado, let’s get started in the comments section. As soon as you hear something, please post it.

Happy Opening Day, everyone.


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Scorekeeping: subtle racism, cliches and bad catchphrases in baseball

I was thinking the other day about all of the subtle code words announcers use to be subversively racist.  I don’t think it’s intentional on their parts, it’s just ingrained into the fabric of the game and American language.  Kenny Lofton never hustled; Lance Berkman never didn’t run out a grounder. These sort of things you don’t realize until you’re made aware of them.

Anyway, I want to keep track of that this year.  Any time you hear one of these, note the date and time and who said it and post it here.

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