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Counterpoints: Uribe Will Stay, Loney Will Go?

There’s two counterpoints to the last post.

First is about Juan Uribe. Uribe is expensive, but plays the three positions that the Dodgers have serious needs in: 2B, SS and 3B. His positional flexibility makes him very important and thus less likely to be traded. So get used to that.

Second is about James Loney. Someone pointed out to me that Loney is more than likely to be traded this year because Sands can play 1B and Trayvon Robinson can fill the outfield (along with Xavier Paul or another replacement player), if both are capable of playing every day.

Again, money is in the driver’s seat here and Uribe will likely make almost twice as much as Loney, but depth-wise, it makes more sense to do trade Loney and keep Uribe.



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Youtube: Jerry Sands and Jonathan Garcia Hit Some Long Balls

Correction: The Jerry Sands home run was from TONIGHT, April 12, not April 11.

via Scott Northrup

The great thing about baseball: there’s always hope.

Potential 2011 call-up Jerry Sands hit a home run tonight that went more than 428. It was hit off a right-handed pitcher and to straight center. Here’s the video:

Pretty effortless swing and he drove it deep. Some of that may be Albuquerque, but you don’t see everyone hitting it that deep to straight center. That was Sands’ fourth home run in four games. It’ll be interesting to see the difference between this home run and one at an away park.


Jonathan Garcia is another Dodgers MiLB product. He’s a toolsy 19-year-old in A Great Lakes (which is where Sands was at the beginning of last year.

On April 10, 2011, Garcia hit two home runs. Here are both videos:

Beautiful swing, very quick. He got around on that pitch very, very quickly and that allowed his hips to pull strong on the second one. It’s also an awesomely crisp swing, but the problem with toolsy guys is repeating success. It’s obvious the second swing is much cleaner than the first. Perhaps he’s emulating Sands, but he has three home runs in five games. And oddly, all of his five hits have been XBH.

Garcia had a pretty decent season in Rookie Ogden last year: .305/.365/.527 (18 doubles, 10 homers) in 266 plate appearances. Not the most patient batter, but that’s a pretty stat line.

Definitely keep an eye on him as the season progresses.

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A little reflection on the Dodgers’ Trade Deadline

Not gonna comment too much on this. A lot’s been said, a lot’s been published, but we’re going to need some time to reflect on it.

The Dodgers traded away Blake DeWitt, Elisaul Pimentel, Lucas May, Brett Wallach, James McDonald and Andrew Lambo. That’s one MLB starter, one #5 starter, two back-end starters, a back-up catcher and a troubled but talented outfield hitter.

They got in return Ted Lilly, Scott Podsednik, Ryan Theriot and Octavio Dotel. A decent SP, an average OF with no power, a replacement level 2B with no power and a sub-par reliever.

The plan is to win this year, but at what cost?

Meanwhile, the Dodgers are 7 games out of first place in the NL West and 5 games out of the wild card. It’s a long shot to even get to the playoffs.

The best news is the biggest pieces in the Dodgers’ farm system are still Dodgers. Trayvon Robinson, Jerry Sands, Chris Withrow, Dee Gordon, Aaron Miller, Ethan Martin, Javy Guerra and Nathan Eovaldi. Andrew Lambo was a loss, but he’s a risky investment and Sands has performed better than him this year and last. Sands is also a risk, but I’d rather have Sands.

Giving up McDonald, though, was a mistake. And giving up McDonald AND Lambo for Dotel was a big mistake.

Even if neither of them does well in the majors, it was overpaying greatly for a sub-par reliever. Honestly, the Dodgers paid less for Lilly and Theriot. You wonder what the Dodgers could’ve netted for McDonald and Lambo if they had shopped them more.

The second-best news, I guess, is Podsednik, Manny, Lilly and Dotel (if his option year isn’t vested) are free agents after the season and offering arbitration could give the Dodgers 5 or 6 first round draft picks, if all goes to plan.

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Jerry Sands looks kinda funny

John Sickels posted something on Sands maybe being legit, “lakersdodgersyankeesfan4life” has the post at True Blue LA here.  There’s also a video of Sands, who is enormous in stature, and his silly haircut.

Per Sickels:

Sands returned to Great Lakes this year, hitting .333/.432/.646 in 69 games, with 18 homers, 40 walks, 61 strikeouts in 243 at-bats, along with 14 steals in 16 attempts…hard to argue with any of that, this is excellent performance in all respects except perhaps a higher-than-ideal strikeout rate. He moved up to Double-A Chattanooga two weeks ago and has remained hot: .333/.412/.756 with four walks, 11 strikeouts in 45 at-bats. Obviously we’d like a larger Double-A sample size, but it looks great so far, with some deterioration in BB/K.
Tools-wise, Sands is a big guy at 6-4, 225, with average running speed and a good throwing arm. He steals bases with polish rather than pure speed. Midwest League sources still say his swing looked a bit long, but that his plate discipline is excellent. His current minor league career stats: .300/.400/.599.
Defensively, he’s split the season between first base and right field. His outfield range is reportedly limited, but his arm plays pretty well.

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A Q&A with Project Prospect’s Adam W. Foster

Adam W. Foster is the fanatic’s scout.  He has a good eye and often replies to open questions asked on Twitter. He has catalogued videos of nearly every prospect in each organization. His opinions are respected within the community, but mention his name to the casual baseball fan–or even an avid baseball fan–and you’ll likely get a “who?”

Foster, who runs Project Prospect with Lincoln Hamilton, took time out of his pre-draft schedule to talk about the 2010 Rule IV draft and the current state of the Dodgers’ minor league system.  Questions are in italics.

(Before you continue reading, remember that Foster is a Giants fan and is Grade A evil for what he says about the Dodgers’ minor league system).

For the upcoming 2010 Rule IV draft, what’s the first thing that stands out to you? What should the casual fan know about the talent that’s coming out of this draft?

There aren’t many attractive college bats coming out of major conferences. …

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Dodgers minor league report

CoolGuy_88888888 files this report on the Dodgers’ minor league system for True Blue LA.  Sometimes it’s just great to see the information like that.

Aaron Miller is doing quite well in A+ Inland Empire.  25 innings pitched, 26 strike outs.  I’d like to see him lower the home run rate and lower either the BB/9 or the hits/9 rate before I’d promote him, though.

Kenley Jansen likewise is exceeding expectations at the IE.  14.2 IP, 22 K, 3 BB, 2 R.  Amazing for a guy who just made the switch.

The pitchers seems to be doing well, the hitters aren’t quite as great.

Dee Gordon has three walks in 87 PAs.  That’s worse than Josh Vitters, the prototypical he’s-got-everything-except-patience-at-the-plate prospect.  He is, however, hitting .345/.371/.452 at AA Jacksonville, which is very, very good.  Nice to see the power coming in a little.

Jerry Sands is the big surprise so far this year.  Sands is at A Great Lakes and so far this year, this is what he’s put up in 85-90 plate appearances: .382/.442/.842.  Two doubles, three triples, eight home runs.  He’s 22 right now, which is a little old for A, but I’m guessing he’s in line for a promotion to A+ at about mid-season.

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