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Piliere posts his mid-season top 25

Frankie Piliere has posted his top 25 prospects at the mid-season point and I gotta say, quite a jump for a few players.

Mike Trout has jumped from a mid-top 100 player to the top.

In the comments section, Piliere defends some of his picks. Some of the readers have a few problems, and it’s an interesting read.

I’ve been openly critical on here several times of the Reds’ move to sign Aroldis Chapman–it still seems like he’s set up for failure–but Piliere states pretty clearly that the stuff is there, it’s just up for Chapman to make it happen.

The list is after the jump.

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Manuel’s Manual

Baseball America’s John Manuel posted on Sports Illustrated his top 20 prospects for 2010, with Strasburg at the top.  Here’s the top 20 in short-list form:

1. Strasburg
2. Heyward
3. Stanton
4. Jennings
5. Montero
6. Matusz
7. Alvarez
8. Feliz
9. Posey
10. Bumgarner
11. Santana
12. Smoak
13. D. Brown
14. Kelly
15. Hellickson
16. Drabek
17. Escobar
18. Hicks
19. Ackley
20. Perez

I was surprised at Alcides Escobar at 17–he’s basically a high batting average guy with mild power–but someone told me his defense is supposed to be that good.  Here’s hoping we get to see Ozzie Smith redux.

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