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A Follow-Up on Average/OBP/SLG Triple Crown and on Matt Kemp staying in LA

Here’s this post from last year, and I feel I should follow up on it a bit.

Josh Hamilton got seriously close last year, but Miguel Cabrera had him beat on OBP by .009. Kemp isn’t particularly close on the AOS triple crown, but who cares. He’s very close to the traditional triple crown and a 40/40 season with only a handful of games to go.

Kemp also had this to say on ESPN 710:

“[We] haven’t started talks,” the MVP candidate told 710 ESPN, “but I plan on being with Dodgers rest of my career.”

Pardon my language, but Goddamn it’s good to hear that.

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UPDATE: NL and AL All-Star Team Total WARs (now with B-R and Fangraphs!)

I was just having some fun with WAR numbers (Baseball-References’) and decided to add everything up. The results are pretty interesting.  You’re uh … you’re gonna wanna read to the bottom.

Player            WAR
Hanley Ramirez:   2.3
Martin Prado:     2.2
Albert Pujols:    3.4
Ryan Howard:      1.3
Ryan Braun:       1.8
David Wright:     3.9
Andre Ethier:     1.2
Corey Hart:       2.5
Yadier Molina:    0.8

Ubaldo Jimenez:   4.7

Player            WAR
Ichiro Suzuki:    2.2
Derek Jeter:      1.1
Miguel Cabrera:   3.7
Josh Hamilton:    2.9
Vladimir Guerrero 1.0
Evan Longoria:    3.9
Joe Mauer:        2.1
Robinson Cano:    4.6
Carl Crawford:    3.4

David Price:      3.1

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Who are you looking forward to seeing this year?

Man.  We’re so close to the season right now, it’s just so awesome.

As per usual, since I go to 30 games, I get about 5 or so in really good seats to watch the players I’ve wanted to see or like to see the most.  Here’s who I’m looking forward to seeing this year:

  • Tim Lincecum: The obvious choice. A two-time NL Cy Young winner, his delivery is a magnificent thing.  Since he plays for San Francisco, I get to see him a lot at Dodger Stadium and he’s yet to disappoint.
  • Albert Pujols: Another obvious choice.  This man is, without a doubt, the best hitter of our time.  I thought I read somewhere that he swung and missed at a pitch fewer times last season than some people struck out, but I can’t seem to find it now.  The man is just amazing.
  • Justin Upton: Yes, I follow Keith Law’s blog.  Upton had a great year last year (.300/.366/.532 with 26 homers in 588 PAs) and he’s still only 22.  I can’t wait to see what he does in 162 games.
  • Prince Fielder and Ryan Braun: I’m not saying this just ’cause I drafted Braun in my fantasy draft this year. This pair is probably the best pair of hitters in a line-up today and I’m looking forward to the early-May match up.
  • Miguel Cabrera: Maybe the most underrated player in the game today. Detroit plays the Dodgers for the first time in a few years and they’re coming to Los Angeles May 21-22.  Cabrera had a phenomenal year last year (.324/.396/.547) and he’ll be 27 on April 18. Not bad for a guy with 200 career home runs already.
  • Jason Heyward: You can probably tell I keep up with Baseball America and a lot of prospect rankings and Heyward was unanimously No. 1 or 2.  Word came today he’s officially starting in right field on opening day, so great for him.
  • Alex Rodriguez: Hey, if you haven’t heard, the Yankees are playing the Dodgers in LA May 25-27.  The consummate professional, A-Rod basically does his thing every year.  Problems these days are if he’s going to stay healthy through the end of his career–he’s missed 60 games the last two seasons.  But he’s still the second-best hitter of our generation.
  • Stephen Strasburg: Another case of following the hype. I’m always interested in seeing what scouts see in players, this being one of those times.  Fortunately, the Dodgers host the Nationals late in the season (Aug. 6-8), so there’s a good chance I get to check him out.
  • Ubaldo Jimenez: I’ve had a crush on this guy for years and it was great to see him finally put together such an amazing year last year after all he’s done.  Can’t wait to see what he does this coming year.
  • Chase Utley: Yet another consummate professional, he does every part of hitting well and he’s a fantastic defensive second baseman to boot.
  • Tommy Hanson: No doubt a legit starter for the Braves, he pitched 127 innings last season and posted a damn-fine 2.89 ERA. He’ll be 23 at the start of the season.


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Hahaha: Tigers ink Valverde 2 years, 14 mil

This is a great story.

The Detroit Tigers signed Jose Valverde to a two-year, $14 million deal for no particular reason.

This is a team that may not be doing well financially. Before this acquisition, their payroll for next season was already $100 million.  They sunk a bunch of money into the future for a title and they have lost a lot of revenue by not reaching the playoffs.

In what some think was a response to this, they shipped off their best young player, fan favorite Curtis Granderson, to the Yankees as a salary dump.  Curtis Granderson isn’t even making that much:

2010:$5.5M, 2011:$8.25M, 2012:$10M, 2013:$13M club option ($2M buyout)

But we all kinda nodded and said “OK, he’s pretty much the only guy on the team with a heavier contract that was tradeable.”  Seriously, take a look at this.

Miguel Cabrera: $120 mil through 2015
Magglio Ordonez: 2010: $18 mil + 2011 and 2012 options
Carlos Guillen: 2010: $13 mil 2011: $13 mil
Jeremy Bonderman: 2010: $12.5 mil
Dontrelle Willis: 2010: $12 mil
Nate Robertson: 2010: $10 mil
Brandon Inge: 2010: $6.6 mil

And then they immediately about-face and sign Valverde with Granderson’s money.  Even if dumping Granderson wasn’t a payroll move, starting pitchers are going for this kind of money–Joel Piniero may go somewhere for roughly the same price.

Even better: Valverde is a Type A.  The Tigers lose a first round draft pick and a supplemental pick out of this.  For a reliever.

And the cherry on top, courtesy of Rotowire:

There is also an option for a third year at $9 million.


Valverde is an OK reliever. Not much better than that. He’s had a decent season here and there, but he’s got SAVES and so he’s overvalued.  Now he’ll likely slide into the closer role and be Todd Jones v2.0 for the Tigers, but with a worse defense behind him.

I literally cannot wait to see this.

Edit: ahahaha the Tigers’ first draft pick in the 2010 draft was no. 19.  Picks 16-30 are unprotected by type A free agent signings, so that goes immediately to the Astros.

I literally cannot imagine a worse way to lose your first round draft pick.

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