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Dan Shaughnessy is literally a large baby.

Dan Shaughnessy is the punchline to all sports writing.

Total fraud.

Welcome home, Nomie.

Noice. Starting an article with a straight-up insult in only five words, that’s impressive.

I met Nomar a few times. I once asked him a stupid question and he still took it in and answered it with a smile.  I can honestly say that Nomar, outside of his work with the press, is one of the most genuinely nice guys I’ve ever seen.  His entire life in the public eye was amazing–he was out doing public events in the community, he even engineered a community outreach program in his two years in Los Angeles.  He never threw a teammate under the bus, he never complained about management, he never asked to be traded. Heck, things were even amicable in Chicago, though he didn’t play there for so long. He was just a charismatic guy who wanted to play baseball.

When you see this kind of article and how he was received positively everywhere else he went, you begin to wonder why he was disgruntled with the Sox …

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